Eternally Transformed


Restoration​​ ​​  ​​ ​​​​ 

Please also see:​​ New Heaven and New Earth.’

​​ Seek the Truth with all your heart.​​ 

Eventually,​​ GOD​​ restores everything​​ to His original design of perfection in every way. ​​​​ 

However, in this life, relationship with HIM will introduce restoration into your own life in many ways. ​​ This​​ relationship can overcome psychological problems and many other problems because it​​ creates new perspectives - new​​ meaning​​ -​​ eternal hope​​ -​​ and vision.​​ It creates a light at the end of the tunnel of this sometimes diminished –​​ restrictive​​ – hurtful -​​ and out-of-shape life.

Some people are hurting badly in many different ways,​​ while others are happy​​ ​​ content​​ ​​ rejoicing​​ ​​ satisfied​​ -​​ and fulfilled​​ -​​ or so they think, because such feelings and emotions are shallow and short lived. ​​ 

Only relationship with GOD​​ can bring true happiness and fulfilment, and such relationship has eternal meaning, while Earthly things​​ can​​ only​​ be temporary.