Eternally Transformed


Seek the Truth with all your heart.

Judges 13:4-5 ​​​​ ‘Now see to it that you drink no wine or other fermented drink and that you do not eat anything unclean.’

Proverbs ​​ 20:1​​ ​​ ’Wine is a mocker and beer a brawler; whoever is led astray by them is not wise.’

Proverbs 23:29-32 ​​​​ ‘Who has woe? ​​ Who has sorrow? ​​ Who has strife? ​​ Who has complaints? ​​ Who has needless bruises? ​​ Who has bloodshot eyes? ​​ Those who linger over wine, who go to sample bowls of mixed wine. ​​ Do not gaze at wine when it is red, when it sparkles in the cup, when it goes down smoothly. ​​ So in the end it bites like a snake and poisons like a snake and poisons like a viper. ​​ Your eyes will see strange sights and your mind imagine confusing things.’

Proverbs 31:4-7 ​​​​ ‘It is not for kings, Lemuel – it is not for kings to drink wine, not for rulers to crave beer, lest they drink and forget what has been decreed, and deprive all the oppressed of their rights.’

Isaiah 25:6 ​​​​ ‘On this mountain the LORD ALMIGHTY will prepare a feast of rich food for all peoples, a banquet of aged wine, the best of meats and the finest of wines.’

The alcohol​​ level of naturally aged wine would be quite low,​​ up to​​ three percent,​​ and these wines were to be enjoyed in absolute moderation. ​​ GOD would never intend that people should go any further than self-controlled, discreet enjoyment. ​​ Minds should remain clear, conversation intelligent, and demeanour​​ dignified. ​​ There would​​ also​​ have been adequate pure water.​​ 

Luke 1:15 ​​​​ ‘For he (John the Baptist) will be great in the sight of the Lord. ​​ He is never to take wine or other fermented drink, and he will be filled with the Holy Spirit even from birth.’

GOD intended that​​ many people​​ should​​ stay completely​​ removed from alcohol.

1 Corinthians 3:16-17 ​​​​ ‘Don’t you know that you are GOD’s ​​ temple and that GOD’s Spirit lives​​ in you? ​​ If anyone destroys GOD’s temple, GOD will destroy them; for GOD’s temple is sacred, and you are that temple.’

1 Corinthians 6:19-20 ​​​​ ‘Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you,​​ whom you have received from GOD? ​​ You are not your own, you were bought at a price. ​​ Therefore honour God with your body.’

Ephesians​​ 5:18-20 ​​​​ ‘Do not get drunk on wine, which leads to debauchery. ​​ Instead, be filled with the Spirit (GOD’s Holy Spirit,) speaking to one another with psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit. ​​ Sing and make music from your heart to the LORD, always giving thanks to GOD the FATHER for everything in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.’

No one seeking oneness with​​ GOD​​ will choose​​ to drink alcohol.  If they are​​ ONE with​​ GOD​​ and Jesus,​​ they​​ will be filled with HIS​​ Holy Spirit; and they will avoid​​ everything that contaminates, befuddles or in​​ any way​​ silences the still, small voice of the Holy Spirit.  “Do you not know that you are the temple of The Holy Spirit, and that The​​ Holy Spirit​​ dwells​​ within you?”  If anyone defiles GOD’s temple they will be cutting themselves off from GOD’s will.  For the​​ temple of​​ The Holy Spirit​​ is holy, and this​​ temple​​ is​​ you.” 

Today and every day, seek holiness.  Avoid anything and everything that comes between you and your Creator. ​​ 

Revelation 22:12-13 ​​ “Behold I am coming soon.1 ​​ My reward is with Me, and I will give to everyone according to what they have done. ​​ I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.”

Alcoholic drinks cause many health and relationship problems, and have been said by​​ many​​ doctors to be the most widely used ‘drug’ in the world because of the sheer numbers of people who are​​ addicted to, and affected by it;​​ with very sad consequences​​ for themselves,​​ family members, and friends. ​​