Eternally Transformed

Religions​​ & Denominations

Seek the Truth with all your heart.​​ 

Christian​​ religion is an organized collection of beliefs, cultural systems, and world views​​ of morality and​​ principles​​ that enable humanity to relate to an​​ origin and​​ order of existence​​ of GOD the Creator.

Christian religion is​​ based on TRUTH and LOVE. ​​ 

When all religions, and so-called religions, are studied;​​ by a process of elimination; Christianity is The Way, the Truth, and the Life -​​ Who is in fact Jesus.​​ 

There is no other way to heaven and eternal life.

Jesus is the only ‘religious leader’ who offers relationship with GOD. ​​ All others merely have rules, rituals, traditions, and philosophies to follow. Jesus has opened the door for us – other religions​​ and systems​​ require penance and works.

Pure - ‘unreligious’ – Christianity is ultimate love.

John 14:6-15 ​​​​ ‘Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. ​​ No one comes to the FATHER except through Me.”

Christianity is not making any outrageous claims – it just happens to be the only way into GOD’s kingdom. This is not mankind’s claim – it is GOD’s and Jesus’ statement of factual truth; which is not exclusive; anyone who believes in Jesus and His sacrificial death and regaining life, is enabled - qualified – and welcomed into​​ GOD’s Family and​​ relationship with​​ The LORD​​ GOD​​ ALMIGHTY.

It​​ is not so much meant to be about, formulas, traditions, procedures,​​ and dry, human-​​ devised​​ programmes; but about meaningful, loving relationship with our Creator. ​​​​ It is not about​​ restricting​​ quality of life, manipulation, control, or any other method of making life anything​​ other​​ than​​ as good as it can be on this Earth.

There are many different kinds​​ of​​ religions, ranging from the so called​​ religions​​ involving extreme hate and violence, manipulative religion, deceptive religion, wrongly taught religion, to religion​​ of love,​​ compassion, and truth,​​ that is​​ taught​​ correctly.​​ 

Many religions are extensions of philosophical origins, Pagan origins, cultural origins, national traditions, and others, none of which have an origin and foundation like Christianity.

Christian religion has everything to do with your real future, and is the only one which​​ involved GOD sacrificing HIMSELF through​​ Jesus​​ for humanity.

Religion in general will affect every nation and every person on the entire face of this earth. ​​ So the one you choose is absolutely crucial.

The different denominations within Christianity, which were never meant to be, were never taught by Jesus who did not instruct such a mixture of Christian expression. ​​ They resulted from different groups of people wanting to place emphasis on certain aspects of Christian worship, practice, conditions, methods​​ of doing things, and relationship with GOD and Jesus;​​ in ways​​ which they considered to be​​ the​​ correct and preferable​​ way.

Some of those denominations involving variations, are now returning to the denomination they had originally​​ been part of. ​​ This does not mean they are returning to correct beliefs - interpretations - methods - practices - and truth - they are just returning to where they originally came from.​​ ​​ 

GOD had promised Abram and Sarai a son, but due to their ages they decided that they could not wait​​ any longer, and needed to pursue​​ their own plans; and this​​ impatience and lack of faith in GOD’s promise resulted in the birth of​​ Ishmael, who was not the promised son. ​​ The story is​​ told in​​ Genesis 16:1-16​​ and 21:9-13 ​​ ​​​​ Verse​​ 13 shows​​ that when Ishmael was born,​​ GOD’s​​ plan was for him​​ to be the beginning of a nation, which​​ became the Islamic people​​ in Arabia. ​​ Ishmael was born​​ to Abram (later to be Abraham) by Hagar their Egyptian slave woman, because Sarai​​ had become infertile.​​ ​​ This​​ turned out to be a very wrong suggestion by Abram’s wife, Sarai (later to be Sarah.)​​ They​​ had​​ deserted their faith in GOD. ​​ 

When GOD promises something HE will be true to HIS promise. ​​ HIS promise was​​ for​​ Isaac​​ to be born.

Genesis 21:1-20 ​​​​ tells of the Christian lineage from Abraham, with the birth of Isaac, the son GOD promised to Abraham and Sarah which produced the line into which Jesus was born. ​​ This began Christianity, the true church of GOD.

Christianity is The Loving LORD GOD ALMIGHTY​​ having​​ taken​​ steps through Jesus to allow​​ people to choose​​ restoration to eternal perfection.

 ​​ ​​ ​​​​