Eternally Transformed


Seek the Truth with all your heart.


Character can express​​ power, and we should aspire to reveal the character of Christ in our life. The​​ living​​ example of a truly GOD-ly, unselfish, loving life,​​ is powerful.

A strong character will have heroic virtues including the qualities of Order, Justice, Fortitude, Resoluteness, and Magnanimity, Integrity, and Dignity. These, when exercised, lead to​​ Healthy survival and Prosperity, which can in turn, embrace Culture, Education, and Social stability.

Christ has not given us the assurance that developing​​ perfection of​​ character​​ is easy. We do not inherit a noble, all-round character, nor does it come by accident; it is earned by individual effort through the merits and grace of Christ.​​ GOD​​ gives us talents and powers of the mind. We form our character by hard, stern battles with situations​​ that​​ confront us in many ways throughout life, and with conflicts that must be waged against hereditary tendencies. ​​ We need to process all this by self-analysis.

The essence of who we are is embedded in our Spirit,​​ Heart,​​ Mind, and​​ Soul.

May no one say that they cannot develop a good​​ character, such a decision indicates a lack of will and an inability to overcome. ​​ The problem​​ is likely to​​ be​​ caused by a​​ corrupted,​​ unsanctified heart and unwillingness to submit to GOD.

Set a high standard, and step by step with​​ sacrifice and sheer GOD​​ given will-power​​ and effort, it can be attained. ​​​​ Press on with determination in the right direction;​​ opposing circumstances are the resistance which builds the muscles of strong character. ​​ When our will co-operates with the will of​​ GOD it can achieve whatever GOD​​ directs. ​​ Be like Daniel, a man whom any temptation could not corrupt. ​​ It is only with GOD’s help that we can attain​​ perfection​​ of character. ​​ John 15:5 ​​​​ ‘​​ ---​​ Without Me you can do nothing.’

Christian psychologists and psychiatrists have said, very definitely, that without reference to GOD’s principles, relationship with Him,​​ and including​​ Him in every treatment; it is not possible​​ for anyone to be​​ truly healed,​​ properly and completely.

GOD​​ wills that we develop our intellect and intelligence, with His help and direction, so that we have clearer thinking and discernment than worldly people; so that,​​ without​​ ever​​ missing even one opportunity,​​ we can present the truths of GOD’s Word to​​ everyone,​​ including​​ the highest earthly authorities,​​ in a way that glorifies GOD’s name.

A character formed according to​​ the​​ Divine likeness​​ of Jesus,​​ is the only treasure​​ of divine attainment​​ that we can take from this world to heaven,​​ and​​ hence to​​ GOD’s eternal​​ kingdom​​ in the next​​ world, where we continue to​​ grow in wisdom, knowledge and character.

1 Corinthians 15:33 ​​​​ ‘Do not be misled: “Bad company corrupts good character.”

Noble application.​​ ​​ Apply your talents and passions to where there is a need, which might be where you live,​​ or anywhere in the world.

Anyone who chooses​​ to be a genuine messenger of GOD’s truth, will be seen for their humility, sincerity, earnestness, and deep fervour. ​​ The words they leave behind will remain in people’s hearts, never to be destroyed.