Eternally Transformed




My mother is saved ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​​​ GOD's Magnificent Blessing.





(Gwendoline) Mary Ind at age 74.


Seek the Truth with all your heart.


My Mother, Mary Ind, was a true lady, a very vital and intelligent person who exuded gracefulness, charm, dignity, elegance, femininity, kindness, wisdom, generosity, love, a sweet nature, strength of character and a vital mind. ​​ She was blessed with inner and outer beauty. ​​ Everyone respected, admired,​​ and loved her. ​​ She always dressed brightly and youthfully with a colourful scarf thrown around her neck and​​ over one shoulder. ​​ I thank GOD​​ for bringing me into this life as a child of such a sweet and wonderful woman and mother.  ​​​​ 


Having become a ‘full on’ Christian I was very aware of the imperfections and compromises of this life and how crucially important it was to have an eternal perspective and relationship with the Creator.


Whenever I spoke to Mum about a relationship with GOD​​ there appeared to be a ‘demonic’ resistance which would rise up in her. ​​ She would vehemently say that she did not want to talk about it, that it depressed her and made her want to cry -​​ which was obviously a satanic demon using the very tactic that would normally stop me from doing anything to hurt or upset her​​ - and​​ that I should keep the subject to myself, that religion was a private matter and should not be discussed with others. ​​ I would say "This is not about religion, it is about relationship with GOD​​ and eternal life", but this was to no avail. ​​ Sometimes her face would almost distort and on one occasion she almost wanted to tear her hair out. ​​ 


Her resistance to the subject was extreme, it was as though she was taken over by ‘something else’ during such discussions. ​​ I used to think 'something is going on here, this is not Mum’s natural self.’ ​​ At other times she would say, stressfully, she knew we would all eventually be together in heaven, that everything would be alright and that it was not necessary to talk about it.​​ However​​ with spiritual discernment,​​ I could see that Mum was not saying it​​ with genuine spiritual conviction.


As soon as I dropped the subject, Mum would return to her usual​​ positive, happy, outgoing self;​​ as though a demon spirit that had invaded and occupied her was saying, "Well, I coped with​​ that challenge once again"​​ by just saying, through her, whatever suited the situation. ​​ I used to think, as I prayed for GOD to fill Mum with HIS​​ Holy Spirit and to change her heart, that I couldn't imagine how such a radical change was going to happen.


All this was despite our regularly attending local The Church of England - now Anglican - church as a young family. ​​ 


I think it was obvious that Satan was trying to destroy what GOD was leading me to do.


On Monday Morning 14th July 1997 Mum kissed me on the cheek as I was sitting in my office and then went​​ to the kitchen. ​​ I heard her melodious voice call my name and even though there was no sound of urgency in it, I knew something was wrong. ​​ I shot out to see her standing unsteadily, with severe chest pain, and then falling over in the kitchen doorway. ​​ I rushed to put a cushion under her head while saying "Mum I love you, keep breathing," and called an ambulance which arrived very quickly. ​​ I accompanied her to hospital, spending the day and evening with her in the emergency and cardiology wards until late that night.


It also happened that on the Monday, two ‘Coastlands International Christian Centre’ members, an unrelated man and woman, were discussing demonic spirits and prayer for casting them out. ​​ I had met the woman, Judy, from having sat next to her among 5000 people at a​​ Christian crusade at the Entertainment Centre several weeks previously. ​​ She had met Mum briefly when she dropped in to pick up a book from me, ‘The Ark of the Covenant’, which I had helped the author publish. ​​ 


Judy phoned me on Tuesday morning, I told her what had happened with Mum, and she said that she had detected a foreign spirit in my mother and we discussed the matter briefly. ​​ Foreign spirits are demonic spirits who were originally angels with Archangel​​ Lucifer who rebelled against GOD​​ and were all ejected from heaven. ​​ Lucifer became Satan / the devil, and the angels became Satan’s demonic angels, demons who can take up residence in even the nicest people who are not filled with the Holy Spirit, and influence their thoughts and actions. ​​ Spiritually discerned people have the GOD​​ given ability to observe the subtlety of such things in others. ​​ This conversation with Judy immediately alerted me as to what I had observed in Mum and what I must do. ​​ I proceeded to have virtually exorcism type spiritual warfare prayer using strength and authority of voice that I had never used before. ​​ I prayed: "In Jesus name I command you demon spirit in my mother, you name yourself, you identify yourself and in Jesus name you come out of my​​ mother's body. In Jesus name out, out, out. You demon spirit, out, out, out, in Jesus name, in Jesus glorious name. Amen, Amen !!" ​​ I stabbed the air with both hands and banged one fist into the palm of the other hand. ​​ I could even feel my eyes standing out in antagonistic authority, I could feel the breakthrough, and it felt really​​ effectively​​ good.


In hospital that afternoon when I was sitting beside Mum's bed and we were holding hands, I gently said "Mum I have to​​ say that a relationship with GOD​​ really is crucially important." ​​ She was totally accepting and said "Yes darling I know." ​​ I thought 'How magnificent, prayer has worked and God has stepped in'. ​​ I then said "Would you say audibly, and it needs to be out loud, that you choose Jesus as Lord of your life." ​​ Mum said "Yes I would, but maybe not here," I said "It's just you and me together, why not do it now" and Mum said totally meaningfully right from her heart, "I choose Jesus as Lord of my life." ​​ I said "Mum that is fabulous you and I will be together in eternity" and she said enthusiastically "Yes we will." ​​ She​​ was happy for me to pray for GOD​​ to heal and restore her to health and wholeness according to His will. ​​ She enjoyed this and thanked me. ​​ Shortly afterwards I said "GOD bless you," and Mum said "GOD​​ bless you", with emphasis on 'you'.  ​​​​ 


Soon after this the cardiologist discovered that Mum's problem was a partly torn aorta and moved her to cardiac intensive care unit which was very attractive and beautifully decorated with soft lighting. ​​ I left her late that night, and when I was at the end of the passageway I realized that I had said goodnight to the nurse after saying goodnight to Mum, and I wanted it to be the other way round, something made me go back to be able to say goodnight to Mum again.


On Wednesday morning, we three boys had spoken to Mum by phone, and a short time after I had spoken to her around 9 am, Mum asked the nurse if she could go into the bathroom to have a shower, the nurse said “Mary it would be better if you could sit on the edge of the bed and I will sponge you”, Mum said "That would be lovely," and,​​ while the nurse was away for two minutes,​​ she peacefully died. (16th​​ July 1997).


I can see GOD's hand in many events; over preceding months I had a frequent vision, which each time I tried to put out of my mind, of Mum's body lying in a doorway. ​​ Many thoughts about Mum and life and death which had been coming to me were obviously preparing me for these events. ​​ I thank GOD​​ that I was nearby when the pain struck. ​​ I could easily have been out of hearing range in such a large home, or out on business. ​​ Thinking over Mum's comments and actions of the preceding months, it was apparent that she must have sensed that time was short --- even though she was so looking forward to selling the large old family home and moving to Sydney, where family members and relatives live, and where she loved the atmosphere, vitality and vibrancy of life. ​​ (Mum's next move, into GOD’s Kingdom will make Sydney look like​​ almost​​ nothing).​​ 


In the preceding few days Mum and I shared a beautiful early morning rainbow that touched the ground just below our home, and a beautiful sunset reflecting the richest pink on the hills behind us. ​​ At 3 am the morning af