Eternally Transformed

Perspective of Life

Seek the Truth with all your heart.

I often think about and wonder in what perspective non-believers​​ see life. ​​ Since my experience of being born again, my​​ focus is on eternal life in GOD’s kingdom; and in light of this I see this present life as just a journey through this highly compromised world, on the way to an eternal future of unimaginable magnificence. ​​ This life can be likened to a school classroom​​ in​​ which​​ we are being​​ prepared for something better,​​ from which we choose our destination, and if one​​ does​​ not make a choice​​ from the options available to, then this life is all that there is​​ for such people. ​​ We​​ inherit eternal life​​ only​​ by conscious choice​​ and taking the right steps. ​​ This life is obviously far from perfect, therefore there must be perfection available, somewhere, and somehow.​​ 

The​​ doorway to eternal life was made​​ possible​​ by, and is only​​ available through,​​ Jesus and what He has done for us;​​ but​​ we have to make the choice​​ to receive His conditional offer. ​​ GOD​​ has given us the​​ invitation together with the associated​​ conditions; the rest is up to us.

I have asked many non-believers, who are atheistic or agnostic, as to what they think and how they see life,​​ and what options they think exist,​​ or​​ what​​ might happen after death. ​​ I am left almost speechless when​​ many​​ say that they do not believe​​ there is anything more​​ after​​ the duration of this life, nor do they aspire to anything else, and that the whole GOD​​ thing is rubbish, and that there is no GOD.​​ ​​ Someone said they thought I must have an inflated ego to think that I have the right to anything more than this life, or to even want it, let alone​​ to have a right to​​ heaven and eternal life. ​​ It is GOD​​ who wants us to be in heaven, and to return to the realm of eternal life; it was and still is HIS​​ original plan, which was messed up through Adam and Eve. ​​ That is why HE​​ wants to restore it in every way, to redeem us,​​ and restore us to it. ​​ HE made us to be members of HIS​​ eternal family.​​ 

Some say that they would not want any more of this​​ life; not realizing that the GOD​​ given option of eternal life is far, far more magnificent than we can even imagine. ​​ Many have even said that they do not want anything more than this life,​​ and​​ irrespective of how good​​ or bad​​ it might be, this life is enough. ​​ There are many variations of this type of reply.

I have also asked many​​ people​​ whether they believe that truth is relative or absolute; and many reply that it is relative. ​​​​ If truth is relative​​ then​​ it is open to opinion, and contradiction, and therefore can only be confined to each individual’s view, opinion, or personal experience​​ of a situation, therefore it can hardly​​ be referred to as truth, it is only their view of theoretical truth.  ​​​​ 

Truth which stands on its own, unchallenged, and unchanged; is absolute.

However when all is said and done, and all options and modes of thinking have been expressed; it still stands that GOD,​​ WHO​​ certainly​​ does exist,​​ and​​ always has and always will,​​ has​​ clearly​​ laid out​​ the invitation​​ and conditions​​ for qualifying for inheritance and entry into​​ HIS​​ eternal kingdom. ​​ 

So whether we inherit eternal life, or eternal non-existence, which will be​​ as though we had never existed​​ at all; is not up to GOD,​​ ​​ it​​ is up to​​ each individual​​ person;​​ ​​ and I want every person​​ to be​​ aware of the details of their options, so they can make a clear, informed choice.