Eternally Transformed


Crime and Prisoners


Seek the Truth with all your heart.


The treatment of perpetrators of crime, by punishment needs to be reconsidered. Not-withstanding that every choice and ensuing action has a consequence, crime perpetrators have a mental aberration which is a departure from that which is lead by God’s love. Such condition is a form of sickness which needs special treatment, maybe during imprisonment, but not just imprisonment alone as a punishment​​ without any therapeutic treatment,​​ followed by release back into a non-therapeutic world,​​ maybe​​ with​​ greater animosity​​ and more ideas and more criminal knowledge,​​ nowhere to​​ go, without any sense of belonging or​​ being wanted or loved.


The very therapy they need is to know that God loves them and has a​​ purpose for them.


We do not punish people who have other forms of sickness,​​ just because they are sick; instead they receive suitable​​ treatment​​ to get well.


I have​​ friendship​​ with a man who has been in jail several times, including a​​ jail which is now closed,​​ which​​ practiced severe discipline to break​​ the spirit of strongly rebellious prisoners. He is now​​ a committed GOD​​ loving,​​ people loving, very​​ considerate Christian. His turn-around and radical change was sparked after reading a book in jail about the life of Dr. Albert Schweitzer. He was so impressed and affected by the story of this man, who, having several degrees and a wealthy comfortable background, went to Africa to live in appalling conditions to help those who were in dire need,​​ He immediately said to himself “I want​​ the qualities which​​ that​​ man had,​​ that led him to​​ do what he did.”


He felt that he would never have the chance to be like that and that he was destined to spending​​ his life being​​ sent to​​ jail. He intended to commit suicide,​​ and​​ on the night he was going to do so,​​ he saw a book in his cell that he had not read, it was titled​​ ‘Life is Worth Living’​​ and he told me that if he had noticed that​​ the author’s name was​​ Bishop​​ Fulton Sheen,​​ he would have thrown it into the corner​​ as being just another religious book;​​ but GOD​​ must have blinded him to it,​​ so​​ he started reading it and kept doing so all night until he had finished it,​​ (even lighting matches​​ to see it after lights out)​​ by which time he had been completely changed and felt incredible love for everyone,​​ and felt like hugging the ‘screw’ (prison guard) who he thought would think he had gone mad. ​​​​ He proceeded to become an evangelist speaking in every state school in South Australia​​ and also appearing on TV.


This is​​ wonderful evidence that inside everyone there is a hunger for truth and meaning; it just takes the right circumstances to enable them to awake to​​ the answer.


His observations​​ about jail were​​ that most prisoners​​ are just confused​​ and​​ disillusioned about life in this world, and have not been able to navigate their way to healthy normality.

His relationship with GOD​​ transformed his values, principles and priorities, as well as adding a whole new​​ awareness of the​​ dimension of eternity.​​ ​​